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Etreta Pure Organic Collagen Face Mask

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For all skin types

1)    Take 1 tsp. of Etreta Collagen and put in the container
2)    Put the water half container
3)    Mix together until sticky
4)    Applied to the face
5)    Leave for 20 minutes then rinse. Your skin will feel fresh and well hydrated.
6)    Apply the toner/face cream to keep moisture.

This organic facial mask is enhanced with natural vitamin C and natural pro-vitamin B5, which soften and brighten the skin, fight aging and free radicals, help your skin build protective barrier against sun damage, elements, pollution and aging.

This mask will improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin smoothness, and radiance, while boosting collagen and elastin by 363%. It is the first and only product that has been clinically proven to provide full antioxidant protective.

Your skin feels instantly bright and tight.  These recovery Etreta collagen mask booths up the collagen and elastin to the skin by the action of most stable vitamin C derivative, organic seed of plants deliver the benefit of iodine replenishing and other minerals saturated.
After just one application your skin will feel completely clean, smooth, renewed, and totally balanced.

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